04 October 2009

Making Shining Staff

Lately for mages the most popular weapon is the shining staff. It looks really nice and it has big matk .. so we all prefer it right?
And here is how we make it...
Shining staff = demon wand + golden helmet + red jade neclace + demon wand + alchemy book 4

Demon wand = refined silver + fine crystal + magic powder
Golden helmet = refined gold + skeleton iron sword + fire crystal + refined gold

skeleton iron sowrd = iron net boots + wolf tooth + iron net boots

red jade neclace = black jade + black jade

And u have to use superior alchemy for all of the reactions. And if u trust your luck can use alchemy book 3 instead of alchemy book 4. Good luck!


grazmaniandevils06 said...

wishing I could get this someday.. thanks a lot for the post! :)

exilia said...

well its easy to make. really easy if u have superior. you dont have to level it so much in like lvl 5+ it must be no prob to make it. maybe on lvl 7 superior