14 July 2010

Taking Athena or Venus

There you got some conditions.
First must have GS. (sry no guide for gs, i think no one need it)
Second must finish Pandora box. (click here for guide)
Next you must finish Medusa quest in Athens. (Click for guide) get the sun badge.
After Need to find pegasus on rome and fight to save it and get the lilly.

First go there in Rome
After here...

Here go to the arow wich lead to pangolin :) the one on left top.

Next need to talk with the Granny on Athens (near palace). And she will tell you to go to Crete.

After defear Mminotaur you need to go back and talk with the granny again. Then is the real fight.
Need to go to the island near rome.

first go to this arow. from there you need to go to the arow on middle.

Then inside need to play game in the door.

And go down.

Then you need go forward till you see the soldiers. They are 4 fights. With 2-3 spawn each soldier. They are lvl 100s with 16k HP. There if you have knight wind or knight any element with JS will be in much help because they seal a lot.

After u finish soldiers you get a key. Open the door. Medusa dracula and rest will kill you on first Fight in any case. They made 9999 dmg to exilia with normal atk. There you die. Then Venus and Athena heal you and need start fight again.
Now take to ur team 1 water priest, 1 earth tanker 1 knight wind and a fire with good damage. (tanker or water must hold pestle or you will need 4 potatoes).

Fiest need to suck all back row. Because they are bosses have big damage and they dont spawn. Soldiers spawn 3 times each. And soldiers do 60% of the time seals. so be careful.

After quest you choose athena or Venus ;)

Good luck!!!

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