25 July 2010

How to make Swift Dragon suit

Swift dragon suit is another version 6 equip. Which will be prefered by many of kung fu lovers. Because it is very cute :)

And here how to make it..

Swift Dragon Suit

Swift dragon suit (35 Feather/leather/ nylon) = Purity gloves (31 feather) + Downy armor (31 leather)+
War demon armor(31 nylon) + book3

1) Purity gloves = Thief gloves + Concealment clothes + book3

Thief gloves = Fine feather + Demon gloves + book4 (+7 reaction)
Or if you don't want to risk

Thief gloves = wind demon suit + high boots
wind demon suit = fine feather + fine nylon
high boots = demon gloves + fine golden rose + fine grass
(can use Unicorn boots too)

Concealmet clothes /White lord crest= Demon gloves + fine grass + book4 (+7 again)
Or if you don't want to risk
Concealmet clothes/ While lord crest = Steel thorn bracer + blue boots + book2
Also if you got fire aurora bracer - they are rank 25 leather too.

Steel thorn bracer = demon gloves + copper crest + sea armor
Blue boots = Water boots + skeleton iron sword (this is the only 100% reaction for blue boots)
Water boots = fine grass + fine leaf + demon gloves (this one is 100% too any alchemy)

2) Downy armor = Concealmet clothes/ white lord crest / fire aurora bracer + black jade + book3

(see reaction for cencealmet in purity gloves part )

3) War demon armor = Gennan suit + Rainy doll + Poison knife/ invisible knife

Gennan suit -
Gennan suit/Fly clothes or anything nylon rank 26/27 = Thorn suit + heart bracer/magic glove + book4

thorn suit = fine nylon + fine log
magic glove/ heart bracer = fine golden rose + magic crystal powder

And if you use rank 26 nylon must be careful not to put poison knife as last material ( in superior), because its higher rank material and will become base material.

Rainy Doll = Metal gown + black jade + metal gown (100% in junior)

Metal gown = Golden qi pao/ wizard gloves/ giant demon gloves + skeleton steel sword

Golden qi pao = fine golden rose + refined gold

wizard gloves/ giant demon gloves = fine golden rose + magic crystal powder

Skeleton Steel sword = iron net boots + wolf tooth + iron net boots

Invisible/ Poison knife = Skeleton steel sword + vertical wing + book2/3 (2 for invisible, 3 for poison)
if you are lucky you can make invisible knife without books (with many tries).
Skeleton steel sword = sea armor + wolf tooth + sea armor

Actually here no need to waste poison knife - invisible is enough when you put book 3 on final reaction.

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