22 July 2010

Compounding Bass Beast Helmet

Another def helmet in new version is Brass beast helmet - level 70 which gives 35 def.
In new version there is many reactions with hard tissue ( which was not that popular base material in previous versions).
All the reaction i am using are in superior alchemy.

Brass Beast Helmet = Bronze ring (insatance)(rank 30 Bronze) + Eagle cuff (rank 29 iron) + Masked suit (rank 30 hard tissue) + book3

Eagle cuff = warrior boots/warrior clothes/ warrior sword + black jade (+book1 if you don't want to risk)

This is the cheapest way in Cancer to compound it.
Also other way i am using is with water aurora hat.

Masked suit = Icy dragon claw (rank 24 hard tissue) + Steel cuff (iron rank 24)+ thorn pestle (long knight boots, steel helmet) (rank 24 steel) + book 3 (book 4)

Icy dragon claw = wolf tooth + skeleton steel sword + wolf tooth Steel cuffs = Silvery armor + heart bracers/ magic gloves (rank20) + book1

Silvery armor = iron net boots + demon gloves + iron net boots

Thorn pestle = Skeleton steel sword + vertical wing
Long knight boots = skeleton steel sword + skeleton steel sword

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