11 December 2010

Qlaya Death quest

First thing you shoud do for this quest is to take qlaya hehe!
That quest is called Siblings Love.
There you need to go maya and talk with her brother and take her.

And then go to Inca. Thats Hole neclace part. I once posted this quest here.

Hope neclace quest (click here) or its called Lost Princess

But since its not so good guide i will write it again...
In inca you need to go to the priest. Talk with him.

and go to the left. There you will see the statue of Qlayas mom wich reminds of her. And a guy will talk with you. I am not planing to tell the whole story because i dont want to spoil the fun.

There you will see Qlaya's statue. Actually they will be her mothers. Q's dad will talk with you and qlaya. And then she will get confused about her past. And there you will get the Hope Neclace.
Then go back to priest room and enter the other arrow in right. you will find another Statues where you need to put the neclace. Then the door will open and you will get 1 star. (the only star in Q's death lol).

In the end you will find a jail. There you will meet a guy named Shikwa. You will try to rescue him and meet Berthaud. He will fight you with some bats. Its not hard battle if youre hight level. Lol.

After Defeating him you need to go to the moon with Q on your team. You will enter the door and there you will see another door wich is locked and Q will help you to open it.

Then inside you will meet image of Qlaya's mother. And then you need to fight her guards. And there you will get Luna Jade when you defeat it.

Then you shoud go to hanging garden.
There you will go near this statue and there you will get spawned.

Then you shoud go to arrow and then to find Q's mom. Will be locked on a jail again. Then this bearthaud guy will come again. There you will have fight just with him. And he will kill you in any case. You shoud die on this battle. then you shoud talk with Q's mother. She tells you how to defeat that bearthaud guy

Then the real battle start. Bearthaud is lvl 175 and there is some bats to asist him. battle is not so easy so take it serius.

In some point you will get some capsules 5% and 10%. But i dont remember where. Sorry... :)

Well good luck!!

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