01 January 2009

Ginseng bug

Today Selcho found some Ginseng monsters in Korea. And collect some ginsengs while she was leveling pakize's last magical atack Water Thunder.
Because they are giving good sp i checked what I can cook with them for my Food shop. There is 3 meals :
Soup of chicken - need 1 chicken and 3 ginseng. Making time 1 mnute. It gives Sp + 320 hp + 120
Ginseng chicken - need 1 chicken and 1 ginseng again but the making time is 2 minutes. It gives Sp + 650 and hp + 175.
Gyrophora chicken - need 2 ginsend 1 gyrophora and 1 chicken. Making time is 7 minutes. But it gives 975 SP.
And by the way you can collect gyrophoras in this place too. So don't need to wait it to appear on Kelan forest :p.

Actually the problem is that there is a big on the glaze table again. Remember on August when i make my first glaze table and withdraw it it disappear. I reported it to online support and after that on the forum appear topic about elin, elin gun quest and glaze table bug. In september's first update it was fixed. So i make another glaze table.
So this time when you try to cook Ginseng chicken or gyrophora chicken with ginseng you will see that you ginseng doesn't appear on the glaze table.
So the only thing you can cook with ginseng is Soup of ginseng.

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