05 May 2009

3% xp bolus at Athens and forgotten scroll

A guy want to look for his house. and when u try to go out u will peek inside. and then fight the guy and then he will give u xp bolus .

Then u go outside and see people around the fountain. And they said something is wrong with this guy and u go back to his house. He says he didnt do it. But guys take him to the pool again...

Then u go talk with the villager who is enjoying the sight. He will tell u that he see little girl there.

The girls is there ... then go back to the fountain... and talk with the guys... and get forgotten scroll ...

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

The base prizes for this quest is not 3% thats the average prize sorry to say.

Best Prize don't peek: 5% exp for pet
You peek: 3% exp for pet
You leave: 3 ship vouchers

>_> Thank you for the inaccurate information