28 June 2009

Getting Victoria

First thing u Shoud do for that quest is to complete zeng fleet offers from the older versions. So you must have the zeng fleet certification to enter the fleet.
When u go there You will see a lots of guests fainted around. Talk with them and go downstairs. there you will see a soildier on the room when u talk with him Vistoria will apper and try to fight you. She is not very storng and alone. lvl 135.

Adter the fight dont forget to read the letter and talk with the guards outside again. And then you need to go to Ancient Yazhou city. Enter the cave on the picture. And go inside.
And fight some pirates with high hp ;) lvl 135 littles and 1 pirate boss. and then Victoria join you :).


Cheekii_Alex said...

how do you do you graphics for the header :O
Omg they were so kewl :o
Oh and btw kewl blog :)

exilia said...

o hey! i hope you see this message ><

player calle XxKonnoXx from cancer. And she is xKaitouJeanx on wlo forum is doing them. she is popular Manga artist on forum :) and very talented :)

afiqhakimirahime said...

thx man..u make it easy