16 June 2009

Training without using any food

Many friend never realize that can use the water for training without using any food. So i want to explain. You need to have 1 water with advanced remote and need to make all training people on same speed lower than the speed of the water.
You need to have soul dodge as skill. And better to level it when ure lower level cause my water sis Pakize is lvl 183 with lvl 1 soul dodge and she can get only 180 when using it but it is still enough for the training. You need to set up your remote like this ...
And also some pets have high SP and HP. And there you can put magic recovery to sp like 550 to fred lvl 50+ but need to be careful when you get some low SP character or pet that has less than 550 sp and then the water will heal only this person. And will use all sp food because won't be able to get sp from the opponents.
And same as the HP. Need to make it to heal on good HP so people wont die and also not very high so the water wont use all sp to heal SP and HP.
And if for some reason someone die water can automatically revive so there is not big problem. But sometimes when Players die in last round water cant revive and battle ends. And someone can spawn to the saved spots. Be careful.
Also all attaking people, wich means everyone except the water character need to have similar spd to make combo on training. Or you wont get good points. For that you can use shadow pestle, hammer -99 (wich u can get from boxes), stone balls, shot puts, iron balls, spd + equips. Also be careful not to use physical skill beatings. They dont make combo like magical skill beatings ;).
We use that kind of trainign to level our Fredericos at South pole. And then we also get people from our guild to the team. So we help them also for the training.
Hope that information is useful to you.
Enjoy your trainings :) .

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