04 May 2011

Magic Magnets- How to use

I've been looking for magic magnets for a while and i finally was able to buy pair of magnets. They are not much popular and most of the people don't know what is their function. So this post is about them.
In order to use them you need 2 of them - each are 200+ points. They can not be expressed - only traded.

2 of players must be on different scenes.

When you click on them you get 2 options to choose :
  • Use Magic Magnet
  • Wear Magic Magnet
Player who will be teleported must wear the item, and the one who will teleport must use it.

The one "using" magnet must set the player and that player who will be teleported [ exiNia on my situation] will get this message " exilia teleport you to this area by using magic magnets, go you agree?" and then you shoud click agree.

And then teleport will be succeeded :)

Hope this will help you.

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