26 January 2013

9 tips to become good Alchemist

Hello guys,
I recently came back to WLO, and i had question from a player about being good alchemist. So i wanted to share few basic tips about being good alchemist.
1. You need to have at least 3 different chars for 3 different levels of alchemy. 1 char for primary alchemy, 1 char for junior alchemy and at least 1 char for superior alchemy. This is important because some of the reaction gives better success in certain alchemy. For example you can make steel thorn bracers in primary alchemy a lot better than junior or superior. You can make black jade compounds like jade helmet and jade neclace a lot better in junior, and for high level compounds you need to have superior.
2. In primary and junior you can have first compound material lover level, but in superior, highest level must be the first ingredient. If some of other ingredient is higher level, you have to put the same material in end and begining of the reaction. Like when you make rainy doll with black jade
metal gown + black jade + metal gown = rainy doll
3. Some reaction give better succes in lover level of the alchemy - like is easier to make jade helmet in level 3 superior than in level 13 superior.
4. In order to make +7 reactions is better to have superior in level 8+.
5. If you want to fail less, you have to make only high rank compounds. Like in your chars with superior alchemy you should never compound tomato juice or crap level compounds. You should only make high rank compounds - like eqs higher level than 40. For making tomato juices or anything which is lower level use another char with primary skill.
6. Have 2nd char with superior for back up. That means that you should stop compounding when your char start to fail a lot. And start compounding on another char. And go back to this char in few days. Thats how i save money (from fail reactions).
7. Be smart - do not use the hard way, or the way with expensive eq to compound something. Try to find best and easiest way to do it. In this order is better to compound eq from +6 reaction, rather than +2 or +3, because you will use less money.
8. Create your own reactions - you dont have to follow the reactions that you see in forums and wlodb. You can  create your own reaction in same basis. Just  see the material, and find the ranks you need and compound.

So this is what is in my mind for now. You can ask for other guides and questions.

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