11 April 2011

How to do Fatal Blow Quest ( Deadly Hit) @ chang'an

I was requested to do a guide about how to do Fatal Blow.

And big thanks to EarthLand for his tips and help :)

First about what character to take. Since i am not an expert i will just say how i do mine. Feel free to add comments about how to improve the guide.
Having 2 pestles +4 will be a lot more better and easier than just 1 pestle. I used 2.
Took water priest (tanker), earth seer (tanker with Fairy Skill), wind knight (real fast one :P), 2 or more Fire (killers with ds are better).
And for items - you need some earth glazes, GPS on the wind, escape buttons for faster relogs, and is good if questor uses fixed stick (or bolt).

So we begin

Condition about this quest is to be level 100+. Reward is 25% xp capsule, 5x xp potion, and god beast ring.
Go to Chang'an Old man. Talk with him. He will spawn you directly to tiger hall.

  1. White Tiger

This is the first round. Need speed 2.3k. Start with questor + earth (pestle) + water (pestle) + wind knight. Wind must first do knight js and escape then rejump fast and do vanish in second turn. Using vanish you can reduce your escape times. Still sometimes you may get spawned. So save yourself with gps there. (ALL CHARS!).
There is 2 ways of doing this fight - suck and kill. Or knight js + kill. If you choose sucking sp you shoud take out wind when they are all done with sucking and do Stone Walls.
Actually i think there is no need of sucking. Better killing directly. Because when they have sp they assist 85% of the time so they do less damage.

x 1
x 2
7 3
8 4

This is how the monster are places on the battle. And the killing order :
  1. First start with the boss (at 7).
  2. Then kill fire tiger (2)
  3. Kill back earth (8) - spawns into fire tiger. Kill both
  4. Front earth (1) and then spawns into wind tiger. Kill both.
  5. Kill Wind (3) and then spawn into water tiger. Kill both.
  6. Kill water (4) and spawn into earth. This is the end ^^

2. Iron Dino

Second boss you need to fight is Iron dino. Here the quest is getting harder. Dinos have better def and more HP. You need min 2.5k spd on your wind here. And same like the previous battle you can do this without sucking and fast killing.

5 1
6 2
7 3
8 4

Here is the killing order:
  1. Kill boss - no spawn
  2. Kill fire (4) - no spawn
  3. Kill earth (8) - water turtle. Kill both
  4. Kill earth (1) - fire turtle wil spawn. Kill both.
  5. Kill wind (3) - wind will spawn. Kill both
  6. Kill water (2) - earth will spawn.

3. Phoenix

This battle is a little harder than before because water ones know revive skill. And no matter how many times you start killing with the boss he gets revived. Better if you first suck all sp, use earth FS against boss attack, because he do loads of damage, and start killing with waters.
Spd needed here is 2.8k. Need to suck spawned ones too. Dont uneqip your pestles.

Here is the killing order:
  1. kill water (2) - water will spawn. Kill it too.
  2. Kill water (7) - wind will spawn. Leave it for now.
  3. Kill boss - no spawn
  4. Kill wind (7). no spawn
  5. Kill wind (3) - no spawn
  6. Kill fire (8) - no spawn
  7. Kill earth (1) - no spawn
  8. Kill fire (4) - earth will spawn. Kill it. :)

4. Dragons

There sucking is important too. Min spd needed is 3.5k. Need to use fairy skill of earth, Knight js, pestle them, then use stone wall and kill. Suck spawned ones too. Never uneqip your pestles.

Here is the killing order
  1. Kill boss - no spawn
  2. Kil lwater (8) - no spawn
  3. Fire (3) no spawn
  4. wind (4) - earth spawn. Kill earth spawn too.
  5. Earth (1) - wind spawn. Kill wind -fire spawn - kill fire.
  6. earth (7) - fire spawn, kill fire - water spawn - kill water and youre done ^^.

5. Tiger, Iron dino, Phoenix, Dragon

This battle have totally random spd. And in the begining it will drive you crazy. Stay calm and wait till the moment you move first. You will need to relog your wind all the time when they move first and def with all rest in team. But if team spd is more than 1.8k you can move first.
Here you need suck all. When monster spawn you need to suck him immediatly.

Here is the Killing order
  1. Kill boss tiger (6) - iron dino will spawn. Suck his sp and leave him for now.
  2. Kill wind tiger (4) - spawn phoenix (water) suck and leave for now.
  3. Kill dpsen Iron dino on (6) - no spawn
  4. Kill phoenix on (4) - spawn into fire dragon. suck his sp and then kill him. No more spawn.
  5. Kill fire tiger (3) - wind dragon respawn - suck and kill him. No more spawn.
  6. Water tiger on (2) - spawns into water Dragon. Suck and kill him. No more spawn.
  7. Kill earth dino on (7) - fire phoenix spawn. Suc and kill him. Earth dragon spawns - suck and kill him. No more spawn there
  8. Kill water dino (8) - wind dino will spawn. Suck and kill him. Wind dragon will spawn. Suck and kill him. no more spawn here.
  9. Kill earth tiger (1) - earth phoenix will spawn. Suck and kill him. Wind phoenix will spawn. Suck and kill him. Phoenix BOSS will spawn. Suck and kill him.
you are done ^^

6. Kirins

Finally you are in last round. Here you need to have min 3.6k spd (i guess even 3601 spd). Here uou need to use the pestles, knight js, earth fairy skill and everything else you need. Hehe! Strategy is same. Good thing about this round is that spd is not random. And bad thing is that kirins kick is really tough. Better use 2 potatoes on bosses in back.

Here is the killing order:

  1. Dragon boss (8) - earth dino. suck and kill him - water phoenix will spawn - suck and leave.
  2. Kill fire Kirin (3) - water phoenix will spaw - suck and leave
  3. Kill boss kirin (6) - no spawn
  4. Kill phoenix in (3) - no spawn.
  5. Kill fire dino (7) - earth tiger will spawn. suck and kill. no more spawn here.
  6. Wind Kirin (2) - iron dino boss will spawn. Suck and kill. no more spawn here.
  7. Kill water phoenix (8) - water dragon will spawn. suck and kill. no more spawn here.
  8. Kill water kirin (4) - tiger boss will spawn. suck and kill. no more spawn here.
  9. Kill earth kirin (1) - phoenix boss will spawn. suck and kill. Water dragon will spawn. suck and kill. no more spawn.

Congrats on your fatal blow ^^

Last you need to do is to give 8 stars for the skill...

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