01 April 2011

How to make high HP and SP foods

The ones who do quest often probably are in need of high Sp and HP food and they can't be found easily. One way to collect this kind of food is to do isnatnces with food rewards. Other way is doing food quests but once you are done with all of them You will probably need food again, especially if You sell quests.
There is a way for You guys to make them yourselves.
First of all you need to have a glaze talbe.
Here are some tips where and how to get the materials.
To make Gyrophora chicken you need :

You can collect great gynsengs here -> (click) , but you need to know that they are rare drop so it take a while to colect. You can colect the gyrophoras in same spot too. As for the chicken you can get it in different places - on chicken farm at North island, Egypts critical weapon place, leopard feedlot, raptors at Olsya or u can just compound it from any other kind of meat.

To make meat noodles u need :

All those meats can be easily collected at Olsya raptor cave. Or if you are training at leopard feedlot you can can collect the lamb and chicken, and compound beef from rest of meats. I don't recommend compound all of the meats from just 1 kind of meat. It will take too long to colect all of the meats and it will waste a lot of meats.

And here is the Interesting part: How to make the noodles.
Making noodles is really simple. The only thing you need is some simple +hp food from same group of meats, like barley, coprinus, sparrow meat, piggeon meat, or all other rank 7-8-9 meats.
You can simple compound barley+barley and get noodles or flour (flour + flour = noodles), or if you have higher ranks you can recycle them into steamed bund and compound bun+bun. This reaction succes rate is not mch high, but its still pretty fine sincee you are trying to jump 4 ranks in order to make noodles, so just be patient and keep trying till you get them!
Good luck!

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