12 April 2011

National Treasure event

Yesterday was first time that i've ever went to this event called National Treasure and i realize WHY i dont go. Its very annoying sometimes XD
First i want to say what you SHOUDN'T do when you are doing it. Dont escape battle or disband team because you will get kicked. Thats what happen to me. I was on the last battle in first 5 min. Because i fight only in first room and got all keys till end. Then i escaped to change eq and i got kicked.
And then entered again with 1 registration voucher (for all team just 1) and keep doing it. But this time i didnt have such a good luck. because in martians i had to OPEN ALL BOXES and the key was on the last box.

This is how it looks...
This is first round.

This is second round

This is 3rd round.

This is 4th round. (if youre 180 you dont need to use gs till this round including)
Martians have 8k hp so there you need use GS on fires.

As i said i had to open all boxes and the key was on last ....
After that you get magical egg and need to fight these guys...

And they give you big magical egg.

They have very high attack. With a stone wall you can solve your problem :)
They dont spawn.

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