28 April 2011

Egyptian Priest Intrigue - Instance lv 50 (Guild restriction)

Most of the people i know never done Guild Instance before. I gues there is oly few guilds who are actually doing it.
Actually it is not so hard. Just need to have few active memebers :).
So about the insatnce. There is 5 fights with little mumies. Wich are very weak. And 1 killer with Arrow rain or mage with blaze hit will do it. Just one team there is enough.

Other 2 teams skip litle fights on the middle and start the 2 battle on leftand right. They are exactly the same. Monsters have 600-700 spd and they are sealing sometimes. Here if fires are 100+ rb will be okay to use beating to kill 2 in same time. Or 1 by one.
Havug knight in team will make it a lot more easier for seal resist. But ive been doing it long before i rb my knight so its not necesary. Having good sealer (water) with high spd and earth sealer will be enouhg.

And for the last battle. You need to finish all other battle before you can start battle with the priest. Priest has 750-800 spd and he is the only one on this fight who dont use seal. So be careful with others. Before having knight with JS i was just using my pakize. Raising her spd to 800 with only Equiping stuff was enough i didnt even use saddle back then. And my earth shaziye was sealing with terrafication and fires will kill. So using knight js is stil lbetter to seal them because it takes forever to wait all of them to perfeorm their skills and this way you will save some time and HP :).

Start Killing with boss. He spawns fire. Kill him. he dont spawn. Water in front of the boss also dont spawn. So they are first to kill. Rest all spawn 3 times so it is good wichever place you pick to kill to keep killing untill now spawn, or it wll trouble you.

And if u wonder their levels - boss is 140, other mumies are 100-105 if i am not wrong. And mini mumies are way more weaker.

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