03 August 2009

Compounding War boots

War boots are my favourite Shoes with stats def + 22 atk + 9.
Here i want to share how i compound them. And it was my first High level Equip compound. I made it on lvl 1 superior alchemy and i failed only on few of teh reactions so i didnt waste a lot of money for it.

War boots = golden hatchet (1)+ rip steel sword(2) + jade helmet(3) + book 3

1. Golden Hatchet = Sky crown + steel bracers ( i recomend u to put book 1 on the end because the reaction is +3)

Sky crown = Golden helmet + water boots ( this reaction also + 3 and failinf few times)

Golden helmet = Refined gold + skeleton irton sword + fine crystal + refined gold
Water boots = fine grass+fine leaf+ demon gloves

Steel bracers = skeleton steel sword + moon knife ( or arabia knife or skeleton iron sword)

2. Rip steel sword = Steel bracers + Goblin halberd + book 1 ( i recomend)
Im not good on making goblin halberd so i wont write the reactions i will buy it (A)

3. Jade helmet = titanium sword + black jade + titanium sword
or Titanium sword + emerald neclace
But reaction with same material in the begining and end are more acurate :)

This is all wish u good luck on making it.
Also few tips. When u fail some of the raction many tiems can buy it.
For example in cancer server Goblin halberd cost 15-18k, steel bracers are 25k, jade helmet 10-25k, golden hatchet cost from 70k to 100k.

Also its very cute with blue kung fu :)

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