22 April 2009

Shasha's Death quest

The recuirement for this quest is amity 70 for Shasha.
Then walk in Maya's forest till you find this cave. And you need to click the device in the second picture. And the door will open.

Then when u go inside. Go to the arrow.

And in the next room u need to open a device and then to go to the door.

And then u go inside. and there u shoud go to the Ets room and right them.

After you beat them the door for the exit will be closed. So u will need to go to the strange blue statue.

There Shasha will leave you. And u will go to the door it will be opened and when u go back u will see Shasha dead T.T.
You will get Broken UFO desing and 3 stars.
And if you want to fix your ufo desing u need to go to the town and find the sleeping boy. You need to wake him up with the word that u see ufo. And then ETs will appear and you need to beat them again.


Georgia said...

Thx exi, it helped =P

Btw im nt diva >|

exilia said...

its np :) i am trying to help!