19 April 2009

Fred Guide - pastes from Forum

The main characters in this storyline quest are Roca, Niss, and Clive.But in truth, all human pets have a roll in the story almost. For Roca.. you must have these 2 MAJOR quests done.

1. The quest where her father is killed.
This quest activates when you try to go into the troll cave leading to south island. roca will say she wants to speak with her father, so take her to Kelan and go into the chiefs house. then talk to the guard at the door after that scene. After this go to Welling village. walk into the chiefs house. Watch and enjoy.... if your sadistic... i almost cried myself...*AHEM*
2. La Tims Lease quest.

You need to do her fathers quest because this is actually the activating quest for getting Fredrico.
La Tims Lease quest will be explained further in the story.

So by doing these quests, you know that Rocas father is killed by Fredrico, who is searching for the "Blue Gem". Little do you know that later, that same evil man, later becomes one of your greatest allies.

Next you will need to start on Xaolans quest. go into her house in Kelan, and save her from the pirates. Afterwards, you will need to save her again when shes tied to the tree stump. then return to her house and allow her to join you.

Then you will want Niss. For Niss, just go to the tree in the upper right hand corner of the map between Kelan and Welling. You see the sleeping maiden, wake her and behold.. you now have Niss. Also it is beneficial and required that you take Niss to the top of KaMa cave behind the area where you fight the tiger. Look in the dead, Withered tree, at the top hangs her Wand.

Talk to all the NPC's in the downstairs area of holy tavern. After achieving level 20-30, you can now attempt to get Clive , the pirate. If you havent completed Xaolans quests, his quest will not activate. go to south island. You can follow the outskirts of the southern part of the island and you will see a cave. How you get there is of your own accord. But you and your party should then proceede in. Stay on the same floor as the entrance. and as you walk down the path to the big area in the cave, you see a cutscene. in it you see the pirates that kidnapped Xao. this is a signal that this quest is ready to begin. go to the door to the left, you enter into a big fight. Kill the 4 pirates there. enter into the door and you are attacked again. this time by 2 hijackers. when you defeat these 2, one asks to jooin you,this is Clive.

After getting clive to your party, return to holy tavern. here you see 2 pirates chatting it up, if clive is in your party, he translates the pirate chatter into regular language. Basicaly, Fred ran away to Revival.

Before you go, You may want to get Magellin, if not, No big loss but remember if you decide you want him again in the future, You will need to pay stars to revive clive(Guide in the making to get Magellin). BUT THERE IS ONE THING YOU MUST DO BEFORE YOU LEAVE!

And this is, Get La Tims Lease. In order to get this valuable artifact, you need to fly.. so get a plane... or hot air balloon. then fly to the stone door atop Maka Mountain. YOU MUST HAVE ROCA IN THE PARTY IN ORDER TO FIGHT LA TIM!

After making the lease with La Tim, and having a decent level roca (Level 40ish), you should be a decent level as well. Stock up on SP and HP food. You have a long battle ahead of you.

Now for where freds Quest Truely begins!

Have clive and Roca in your party. They are required for this part of the quest. Sail/ fly to revival Island. Enter the cave in the volcano. Go into the upper left stairway. as you enter you go into a large room. Go to the stairs on the other side. You get a message stating that in order to continue, Clive must leave you forever. Once you agree.. your at the point of no return.

You see alot of guards come at you, Clive tells you to go, he can handle them, make Roca your fighter pet(all other pets are useless here, anyone without a roca cannot hurt fred, neither will their pets, so anyone with you must have roca as well Also .. Un equip La tims Lease, Resistance armlet, or anything you dont want broken for roca, this is a long hard and gruelling fight that will take alot out of your equips) enter the stairs and go to the alter. there is fred and all his... Evilness. As you converse with him, He splits into 3. La tim appears and tells you to forget the lease, he will dispell Freds magic(Leads me to believe... He sacrifices himself). He does that, and the battle begins. after about a 10-45 minute fight, you should come out victorious. Roca has EXTREME defence against these freds, mine at level 20 only recieved about 1-3 damage per hit no mater which fred it was. After this, Fred whines that you were able to defeat him, and he flies away on top of his dragon. you take his treasure and leave. when you return upstairs you meet a mortally wounded Clive. He dies giving you 3 stars and a swift necklace.

After this...(Addition 6/27)

you go to Korea. As you walk into the village you see a lady roaming the streets, you talk to her and she tells you about a all knowing person in the same house.

Walk into the first house near the entrance which is normally where the village leader is. Shes been replaced by a witch. you talk to her and you reconfirm her wisdom before letting Niss talk to her.

You find out what niss is here. She is not human or elf like people like to think. She is of the Divine Clan, The mystic Stranger reveals this to you and as you find out more of her background and the forbidden love of her parents. Her father a earthling, the King of Aschyna, and her mother Asner, the daughter of the Space King.

As the Mystic stranger asks Niss of her parents, and of Niss herself, She cannot answer. Her memories sealed. She then tells you of the 3 sealed beads and the one that is in the phaorohs bedchamber within the pyramid.

So you Set off for Egypt...(8-23-08 Updated)

You arrive in Egypt. From here you go to the pier, you need Niss, a boat and Aircraft for this part(or just aircraft).

With the boat, you can sail off the pier to the left and go to the Desert region. land on the first island and then go to the main land from there. As you go on, you see a archaeologist in somthing like a old Temples Ruins. He tells you about a sacred stone.

to get this one go to the pyramid and fly to the top. Go left and there is a gem there. Grab it and get out of there. now go into the main Pyramid entrance. Go in and down the stairs on the left hand side. Follow it and it leads to another set of stairs to go down. On here in this room is the first sealed bead. go to the part near the bottom of the map in the middleish room. Here is the sealed bead. As you grab it, you see a Cutscene with Niss, and you are attacked by 3 mummies, oe boss and 2 lesser mummies. Kill them and the bead is yours. you see another cutscene. after you get the bead, Exit the pyramid. But you arent done here yet.

Walk in front of the sphinx, you see a scene involving the gem you got from the top of the pyramid. it opens a path here. at the end of the path you meet with Anubis.(YOU WILL NEED A STRONG PARTY FOR THIS PART) The first fight is simple. just kill Anubis. You see a scene involving Fredrico then. You are attacked again by anubis and 7 mummies. The mummies use assist/debuff spells so its a long battle if you keep getting debuffed. after you kill them Anubis gives you a important present. The Key to Ghostdom.

After this you leave Egypt. From here get a strong party. You need A Aircraft, Niss,the sealed bead, and a Refuelable sea vehicle. Go now to your next Destination. Iceberg!

As you arrive on the iceberg, Get on your aircraft, and fly over the entrance. you see a steel door there and a cutscene saying the sealed bead is reacting to somthing inside. you go in and go upstairs in the first area. then on the next floor you go to the big room to the top right hand corner. here you see four bead protectors and the sealed bead. talk to the Bead protectors. They now turn into Dragons. THESE ARE VERY TOUGH! Kill all 4 and get the sealed bead. They tell you more about Niss.

Now for the last bead!

From Iceberg you depart for the mayan village. here you need both sealed beads and Niss in your party. as well as a aircraft. you go to the dodgeball court, and fly up the pyramid to the top of you, you can see a door there. *Important note: YOU MAY NEED TO TALK TO A CERTAIN VILLAGER ABOUT THE ILLUSION ROOM BEFORE GOING IN* you go in and down the stairs. go to the room to the top right of the map. Here is the final sealed bead you seek!

(08/24/2008 Update)
You reach up to grab the sealed bead and some guards appear(You will need a VERY strong party)Defeat them and the bead is yours. Pattis and a bead protector appear before you Pattis urges you to place the other 2 sealed beads on the remaining 2 pedestals while the bead guardian warns you that pattis is decieving you into releasing the dark side of the twin gods power sealed inside Niss. you place them on the pedestal and Dark Niss comes out of Niss(Dark Niss...Darkness... Anyone else catch that?) She Kills Pattis and the bead protector with her magic and revives the guards you just beat and attacks you(If you have hot Sweet potatos use them on dark niss immediately or she will spawn you with her magic most likely) After you beat her, Niss re-absorbs Dark Niss back into herself. And also if you notice, Niss speaks regularly now^^.


From here lets do some sightseeing^^

NEXT STOP: HAWAII(Niss and Roca required only)!!

You sail/fly to Hawaii. explore around and look inside the cave. Reach the top, and you see a nice sunset but also niss and roca go to enjoy the view. You see a small scene with them both talking and after as they get ready to leave, they find somthing on the groud. this is the Star Pendant.

From here, you fly(yes you must fly here) to Barnya, The sky City(niss Required). you go to the gates and you find out about the seal on the door. niss releases the seal and yuo go inside. There you find her parents imprisoned. you find out the story of their demise and about her Brother that was separated from her, Frederico. Niss landed near you, Fred grew up in Ghostdom. you hear the rest of the story and decide only You and Niss can save his soul from the darkness.You get a star and a decree.

From here travel to the last destination: Ghost Isle.(Finished: 8/29/2008)

This is a tough part, to an extent. Required here is Roca,Niss,Key to Ghostdom, Key to underground, Star Amulet, and the scroll found in Barnys.

You enter into Ghost Isle, and go down one floor(i prefer use of the stairs on the right, its quicker)on the second floor, you see three exits. None of these matter. Go straight down to the area where it forks and it ends in dead ends. go here and take the left to the dead end. here you see a keyhole. Use the key and go in. from here its a matter of luck. I went to the paths to the left and went into the next area. im not sure if it changes by player. From here there are no more enemies till you get to fred. walk to the nect area and you see 2 monsters for door guards. give them the decree you got in Barnya and they let you pass.

Here go to the alter and Its time for the Final confrontation.walk up to the altar and you get a notice saying if you go on Niss will leave you forever. When you accept, the final confrontation Begins. You see a cutscene where Fred attacks you and He admits he has been under the control of King Howart. You fight 5 of him(1Fire,one wind,one earth, and 2 waters) Note: THIS BATTLE DOES HAVE A 2 HOUR TIME LIMIT! ALSO NOTE ONLY EFFECTIVE PET YOU CAN USE HERE IS ROCA! Without using Roca as battle pet, all attacks do nothing or 1 dmg AT MOST. After you defeat him, you see a scene and you go over to Fred. He stands again and Shoves a blowout in your face.needless to say... You fly bout 30 feet back and him and Roca get into a big fight scene. Roca prepares to avenge her father and goes for the finishing blow. She does a Tulwar Throw to finish him off and at the last moment Niss leaps in front and takes the hit for her brother. As Niss lays on the ground in her dying breath, Fred snaps out of his "delusion' and aids his sister. Roca goes to her as well. You awake from the hit you took and walk to them. You see a scene of remenisence of the sunset on Hawaii, and Niss Asks you to forgive her big Brother, which she does and fred Joins you.

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