26 November 2008

Bursting with GS

Friend ask me about it and i decided to post something about it. But I want to say that im not that good in it, because i didn't train a lot with it. I will do when i get the Electron remote from Item Mall.
So we were bursting 3 Fire characters with 1 asistant, but its workign with earth asist too, we also trained 2 fire, 1 water and 1 earth( but i never trained with wind). We get almost same points.
For bursting you need lot more than Goddes skill...
Fires must unlock Poison spell. But i don't really know lots of warrior who put points to WIS. But its really useful, because you get more sp.
Most of Bursting fires cant burst with 2nd or 3rd monster in same battle because they are out os SP.
Waters need to have all asist spells, GS and hidden skills, but they can asist only with asistants without hidden skilss and GS too.
And im sorry i dont know anything about Earth skills here, but you guess that you shoud make asistans spells to the monsters you fight that will not kill them.
And you need some cute horse with spd higher than yours. You can, i mean shoud use spd- equips there. And thats why they are so expensive. Before a week i bought my shadow pestle for 131 k.
So when you choose wich low level monsters you will fight (Jellyfish monsters i like :) we can begin with the battle.

1st round
Fires do Slowdownd
Water do Shrink
Pet - def

2nd round
Fires do Poison
Waters do magic recovery or water shield, but think its better to use some spell on monsters to get points...
Pet - def

3rd round
Fires do GS on theirselves
Water do Freeze
Pet - def

4th Round
Fires do their strongest Hit (Remember not attack or beating)
Water do Sleep
Pet atack with mana ( in my situation the horse is doing horse kick)

And then the same to the other monster.
I think killing the second monster is wasting of time... but some people prefer to kill it.

huh i think i talked too much today :)

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