28 November 2008

The Food Shelf

In the new version you can make a Food Shelf wich i like most of all things i can do in the new version. You can put 500 items in total on the food shelf, but they must be all food (+ hp/sp). You can put it 2 types of food, or you can put there only 1 kind of food. And these items will not take place of your inventory anymore - they will stay only in the food shelf. And its not hard to make it at all ;).

This is how it looks : :)

And there is how to make it :

FOOD SHELF (Grinding Equipment, 24 minutes)

Steel x 6
Hard Aluminium Plate x 2
Glass x 2

Steel x 6

Iron Material x 18 (36 Iron Ore + 36 Firewood)
Charcoal x 12 (12 Firewood)
Firewood x 24

Hard Aluminium Plate x 2 (better if you buy your hard alu plates, or alu plates)

Aluminum plate x 4
Aluminium Block x 8 + Firewood x 8
Aluminium Ore x 24 + Firewood x 32

Glass x 2
Silicon x 2 + Firewood x 4
Quartz x 2 + Firewood x4

Needed materials:
36 Iron Ore
24 Aluminium Ore
2 Quartz
96 Firewood

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