29 November 2008

Mayan quests

Yesterdat a guildmate of exilia asked for help to get shasha. And i went to help her with my healer alt pakize, because i tought they will need healer more than a warrior ( the rest of them were warriors anyway).
So we went there by the passage. Battles with the guardians of the passage weren't that hard actually...

Then we do the quest for savin Shasha with that single ET. You see its pretty small on the screen. So nothing to afraid of it. I really love my GS of pakize.

There on the hole i saw 2 other girls. They had really similar names, tought they are same person but they were close friends and they asked me for help to get Qlaya. And then we tried to make the quest... there w emet really interesting monsters, bosses but when we see 8 ets we prefer to run and do that quest later...

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