26 November 2008

My heroes - part 2 - Aydoch

Aydoch was away for 10 days, because he has an exam, and 2500 pages to study. So i did not see him these few days.
Well he was here when I created my blog, and was complaining that i write about "random people" and don't write anything about him.
I'm sorry but I didn't have any inspiration.
Now when i see him back to game after few day missing I realized that i really miss him, and he is really nice guy.
And actually i met him recently. bluenight asked for help to get Elin on world channel. So i was near Holy with my healer pakize and said i will go. Then Selcho (my sister) said that he is friend of my other alt char shaziye. So i met him in fron of the well. There was other guy who wa about 90 lvl.
He was Aydoch. Said that my name sounds turkish. I said its turkish because im turkish. And actually pakize is my cat's name.
Then we begin talking and talking. Days and nights. And i always hadsomething to say him, something to ask him, something to show him.
We became really close and good friends because we had some similar interests I think.
Tough he is materialist and always think about his money, he is really kind and helpful sometimes.
And actually he is medicine student wich means he is not stupid at all. Sometimes I feel like he is really pure and naive. He is not gettin my cruel and perverted ideas at all. wich makes him funny and attractive.
Ah, and also he has WL girlfriend named Melodee (maybe im typing it wrong, I'm sorry about that), so if my post sounds like some kind of confession i would like to tell that i dont have any plans of stealing someone's guy. :)

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