24 November 2008

My heroes - part 1 - XxKonnoXx

Most of you already know that Konno is my sister. And we actually made our blogs in the same time. But i want to tell you what Konno is for me :)>.. Well, we met each other when she was about 28 level (not like she says when she is 31) and i don't remember my level. I was training at pine and invited her to my train team, or she joined me alone. I don't remember, but we began training together. And then we were training together almost all the time. I remember that first time we met she asked me to lend her my Handcart, because she wanted to make walls for her tent. I did give her my Handcart but i wasn't sure that she will give it back to me. So i followed her in her tent to see what she will, and i was hoping that she won't escape with my handcart:). And when she returned it i felt like i can trust her. And soon we were sisters. Always saying each other tips and secrets, helping each other, giving each other items and gifts. Lately I am training her character at nights in AFK mode. And she is pretty nice to make comics with me :). So i love her really much!

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