20 December 2008

A bad day

Yesterday i was rally happy because my friend Digibo bought me 1000 wlo points and i was really happy about it.
But today i didnt have time to enjoy my points and my electron remote.
When i log in i was naked in Starters beach. And my hp foods were missing. Then i enter my tent and saw that there was lots of things missing. I made a list of those i realized that are missing... and there are they...

chrystal furnance ( i was colecting materials for months.. and then i make it 2 days)
water desalination (i dont use it.. but still i make and its precous for me)
windows (few lauan woods.. taht bitch must be realy selfish to steal them)
bed ( that bitch dismissd my pets and get my beloved Delilah horse)
sofa (lazy bitch cant make her own sofas)
small carpet ( even my little cute small caroet?!)
desk (well she got it to put her desktop pc on it.. i also see it on her noob alt char)
desktop computer ( im pretty sure that she doesnt know how to use it because she is silly)
garage (there was my 2 vehicles TT)
jalor ( i dont know how long she will ride it without my 44 diesel oils that she fotgot to take from me)
show platform ( does she know how to use it?)
telescope (selfish selfish selfish! its not something useful why dnt you take it! its my furniture!)
globe (free map huh... hope she will be never able to use it)
plane ( my plane.. i bought fuels for it TT and put them on it... )
alchemy book 2 ( 1 month training on south pole and got only 1 and now i dont have it..)
2 alchey book 1 (you cant even sell them on a good price because youre silly enough not to know what price to put to them)
thorn sword ( i bough it for 300 000 from onbu... and now its gone.. i didnt even use it.. )
shadow pastle ( i bought it for 131 000 from eiko :(... )
defensive armour ( they were 2 def armours and she was silly enough not to take that one with diamond ... the def armour is only 1.5 k butthe diamond is expensive..)
Blessed bow (my 10 000 g...)
heaven fire glaze ( it was wlo gift for my birthday ... im mad!)
mango juices ( she cant even make her own food?)
meats(uncooked meets... huh)
Dress ( i bought it for 100 000 from aydoch! when they were really rare and now its gone..)
dyes ( she even used them and make her hair colour even worse.... and she is realy ugly now )

Now i will work really hard on the weekend and will get evrything back.
Thanks to my really nice friends they helped me to make stairs realy fast. Lavinia is really nice girl.. she was like an angel and didnt ask anything in return. Also Zato wated to make me mill to make easier my manufactures.
I'm glad that everyone helped me andwas so nice with me today. I have really good friends...

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