26 December 2008


I had 3 sofas before i was scammed by that bitch Vanessa. And now i want to make lots of sofas to my tent and my shaziye's shop. So i was collecting vine grass on pine forest. It was nice. Like my noob days i was training there in july and august.
And now i have big and nice family even tough there is lots of double faced chicks. Like i was kicked from my burst team few days ago and since that day they need badly lvl 70+ fire with e remote and spd 0 and cant find it but not calling me. I talk about Lavinia and Hasui as well. And when i said i can join them like before they came up with some excuse like they need someone for few hours then Strifex will be back. So.. i got angry and said that they are loyal dogs of strifex just because he bought them points for eremotes. Now they act hurted. But im the one hurted there because they dont tell me why they dont want me on their team. Even tough that annoying Strifex was 10 lvls above me he nevet do good damage as mine and never make good points for them so he is totally useless. But now Konno was mall poits too and we can burst with her. And hope soon i will find new burst team for myself.

Anyway i was talking for my big family. Father Neko Bough points to Konno for 100k ( i lend her 100k because she will never make that much gold) and now she is happy that she can play. So we talked with neko today taht he was totally ignored by some guild and same in my guild. They were acting like really nice people and now they are avoiding me.
We decided to create a guild where we will be only old friends and new good ones that we can trust. So it will be nice small guild where people will know each other.

So now im making my sofas for my big family to have meetingZ on my tent.

4 x cotton cloth
1 x nylon
3 x wire
5 x linen threat

cotton cloth x 4 <=cotton threat x 8 <= cotton x 8

Nylon x 1
1 x coal ball 1 x fresh water
1 x coal sand 1 x firewood
1 x coal ore 1 x firewood

wire x 3
3 x iron ore
3 x firewood

Linen threat x 5
10 x harl grass

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