09 December 2008


Compass is useful for those who are travelling around the world by sea. I didn't know that you see a little map when you are travelling with compass. Aydoch said today. When I already began making it. My biggest problem was how to find magent. I was going to buy it from other users (wondering how they make it) and pakize's guldleader imbibi said that when you compound silvery ring from korea with cypress wood you can get magnet. I bought 4 silvery rings from korea and compoud them with cypress wood. I got 1 magnet and 3 silvery shoes lvl 14. I compoud shoes with shoes and get same shoes again. And then compound the rest 2 shoes with firewood and get 1 more magnet and a common stone. So its not hard to make your own magnet actually.
Or you can buy magnet maximum for 1.5 k or 2k.

1 hard alu plate
1 magnetic powder
1 rubber
1 wire

hard alu plate
2 x alu plate
4 x alu block + 4 x firewood
12 x alu ore + 16 x firewood

magnetic powder
magnet x 3

2 x original rubber

1 x iron ore
1 x firewood

12 alu ore
3 magnet
2 original rubber
1 iron ore
21 firewood

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Jean said...

Hey to make things easier for magnets. If you buy silvery shoes from Inca, compound those with Cypress wood and you will almost always get magnets. Never compound shoes and shoes! Such a waste...magnets are expensive! So remember:

Silvery Shoes+Cypress Wood=Magnet

Hope this helps better!

I play on Aries.