23 December 2008

Wooden Bed

In wooden bed you can "store" your pets. I think 3 beds are avaible for 1 player or maybe more. There is also a hammock for pets but it is for 1 pet but the wooden bed is for 2.
And because that bitch got also my bed and dismissed my beloved pets i need to make a bed. It is easy again.

Wooden Bed
5 x cypress wood
12 x Nail
5 x Linen
4 x Cotton cloth

Cotton Cloth x 4
8 x Cotton threat
8 x Cotton

Linen x 5
25 x Linen threat
50 x Harl grass

Nail x 12
2 x Iron material ( 4 Iron ore + 4 Firewood)
2 x firewood

4 Iron ore
50 harl grass
8 cotton
6 firewood
5 cypress wood


Angelica jolie said...

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Thi Eris said...

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