06 December 2008

Revival Quests

We came here on Revival Isle with my sister to make the fight with Frederico. And when i get here by the passage we saw here man who wanted to repain the statue. You need to make him Ladder on Rope saw. Where you need 2 lauan wood and 10 nails. Total materials you need are 8 Iron ores, 12 firewoods and 2 lauan woods. The reward is 2x XP potion.

Next to this guy is a girl who need 5 firewoods. The reward is jade grass, wich gives you double droppings for 2 hours. :) and 5 gooseberry juices.

There is 1 quest outside of the village. You will see a man looking for something who is damaging Giant Statues. Walk the coast and you will see a crab. That crab needs coconut basin. When you give him go back to the man and he will give you Key of a rusty box. The rusty box is in the village in the house of Props Keeper. Where you will get 2 dark chocolates.

There is also a farmer. Where you decide to give him 20 organic mucks. As reward he will give you Mud statue. In that garden you will see 1 strange leaf and will try to take it and you will find out that its potato monster. So you will fight 4 potato monsters lvl 30-31. After you beat them you will get 1 3x Xp potion.

There is also quest where a woman lost her golden neclace. I couldn't find it so i wont write about it. Also the old quest of the burning bird and the phoenix egg for the mystic man and the fight with Frederico.

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MissWLO said...

Great Guide! With the rusty old key I didn't get chocolate, I got a shopping card!? I don't know why but I'm quite chuffed with it :)