08 December 2008

Another space Agreement in Holy village

If you wonder what does Space agreement means i will tell you :P.
It is for enlarging your tent and it is avaible only 30 days.
The first space agreement were also in Holy village. The fisherman who lost his map will ask you to find it in pirate's den. You need to find the secret door in south island. And the only way to go there is by the sea. So you need to use boat or any other vehicle. When you get there you will see lots of 80 lvl pirates. If your level is 45- try to log out every battle or you will be overkilled and go to your recorded spot. There is 3 arrows. The top one is for getting the human pet Clive. the mid one i dont know why and the right one is for the Space agreement. There you need to make normal ladder (not that rope ladded like in the well in Holy village) and then you must go in the middle when you will get the map. There is no need to fight pirates so try to escape the battles. And when you return the ap to the fisher you will get the space agreement.
There is also a way to enlarge your tent. After you complete the quest with the wolf in the farm wich sheeps and the little boy. he will give you title deed. And when you go to Holy village Props depositor there is a npc who are making your title deed complete one if oyu give her 5 stars. And your tent will be enlarged. This is best way to enlarge because it wont expire like Space agreement.
And the last way i found out accidentally today. My friend Digibo joined the game. So we were making Holy village quest with him. I showed him where to get belly chain. And then see the new arrow in this room. I thought that maybe i forgot about that place but actually it was new place. And there was locked rusty box. You play a game and unlock the box and get the Space agreement ( only for 30 days again).

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